MOMENTS WITH CODE GIRLS PROGRAM 

This program Engages secondary school girls between the ages of 13-18  and primary school girls by introducing them to computer science through clubs that host ,teach coding and programming languages such as app inventor, Scrath and user centered design. Teaching girls how to build applications, games, websites and starting them on a life process of  passion for technology and desire to build innovations that will impact their communities and their lives.



The essence of this particular program is to teach young girls how to be creative, imaginative and how to share knowledge through team work. In addition, both sections of the club get to have exposure to computer hardware and maintenance, career guidance and mentor-ship from various women in technology. This is aimed at  making  the girls fall in love with Technology and their community and close the gender digital divide in Uganda and Africa.

In March 2018, the code girls program resumed in the varoius schools during the first term . Schools participated in the eight week program where they were taken through scratch programing. There was great enthusiasim amongst the students who actively participated in the program.

The participating schools included Kyambogo College school, Kalinaabiri primary school , St.Peters SS Naalya . A photage of how the sessions went in summary is as shown.

Here is a phootage of the students at Kalinaabiri primary school during their coding lessons with scratch. These are conducted during the weekends where the boarding school girls are the ones that benefit out of the program. With the limited computers available, the pupils are able to share and each one of them has an opportunity to work with the computers.

At Kyambogo college school, it is massive participation from the students, this is backed up by the large facility of their computer lab, this is really amazing. On mondays after their classes at 5pm, students are able to join the code girls classes where they were trained on how to use the scratch program as well. It is really exciting on the quality of projects that were  created by the secondary school students as they were able to design a well functioning game that can be used by any one using their skills from scratch programing.


At St.Peters SS Naalya , Tuesdays after class would always find the girls in their school computer lab looking forward to having their coding lessons , with great eager to learn the students were able to come up with exciting projects built using the scratch program.

To wrap up the students first term experience with  the code girls program, representatives from different schools were invited to  partcipate in the Girls in ICT day that was held on the 27th of April 2018 at the WITU offices in Kamookya.

Students engaged in different activities such as a scratch coding challenge, game blocks building, networking wwith students from different schools and career mentorship . The codding challenge was championed by the students from Kyambogo college school who went home with different prizes as well as an award for their school. Other participating schools as well took awards of participation back to their schools. Details to the Girls in ICT day 2018 celebrations can be found here.

Kyambogo college school, as they pose for a photo after their win at the girls in ICT day  Celebrations 2018 as well as the group photo for all the participants.

Great thanks to the WITU team as well as the teachers from the various schools for their endelss support to the code girls program that they showed during the first term of study.

Second Term

The WITU code girls Program is now back  for the second term study period of the students.  This term is getting better and more exciting as students are to work with a new software platform which is app inventor . The aim of the training is to have students come up with solutions to problems in their communities using mobile applications.

The training sessions started with the introduction to the  app inventor software platform which was followed by the brain storming sessions that were done in teams of five students.  This is to promote creativity , team work and programing skills to the students. Here is how the first two weeks of the training have been,

Brain storming session at St.Peters SS.Naalya



Brain storming session at kyambogo college school as the students come up with different community problems they will be solving.



Kyambogo college school participants

Team Name: Issue to Solve:
Divine Sparks Road Accidents
Summer Slam Group Illiteracy
Tech-Galz Weather Change
Sparkling B Girls Security
Fabulous Five Language Barrier in Communication
Super Girls Theft
Girl’s Control Sparkling Girls Girl Child Education

St.Peters SS Naalya participants


Team Name: Issue to Solve:
The Savage hood Road Accidents
Female global group Unemployment amongst youth
Androids Teenage girl problems
Timbers Street children


As a way of expanding on the number of students impacted by the code girls program, it was great having Kololo High school participate in the coode girls program starting in second term. There was great enthusiasm as students were introduced to the scratch programming language.

Looking forward to a great code girls program for the second term of the students.


A mentorship session has been introduced in the code girls program where the first 10 minutes of the program is about mentorship in the technology career paths that the students will be pursuing while at university. Videos of inspiration of women that have a significant impact in technology in Uganda and worldwide so as to inspire the girls into technology.

This gives an opportunity for the girls to interact with their mentors as well as share their thoughts and lessons learnt from the mentorship sessions.  Cheng , an internship student at Women In Technology Uganda has been able to interract with the girs during the mentorship sessions.





 The code girls program was introduced to two more schools

The code girls program has expanded to cover two more schools which increases the chances of more girls to boost their computer skills through the code girls program. In the first week of July, code girls expanded to Makerere modern secondary school and Uganda Martyrs high school Rubaga.  There was great enthusiasm amongst the girls as they were introduced to computer programing using scratch.

Uganda Martyrs High school Rubaga

Once a week every Wednesday at 4:40 PM, with the help of Mr. Kirinya the ICT teacher at Uganda Martyrs high school Rubaga, students of senior three and senior two are ready in the computer to learn how to code. Amazingly over 70 students turn up for the coding lessons and are excited to learn.


Makerere modern secondary school

Every monday at 5:20 PM students are ready to code with great passion .


Up to 200 + students (girls) are having an opportunity to learn coding as well as use it to solve day today problems.











WITU Uganda joined the whole world in the celebration of the girls in ICT day that was held on the 27th of April 2018, hosted at the WITU offices.

The event started at 10: 30 am,The participants included representatives from primary and secondary schools that were participating in the code girls program. The schools represented included:


St. Peters SS Naalya 12
Kyambogo college school 10
Kololo SS 15
Kitante primary school 1
Kalinaabiri SS 1

City side college Makerere


Modern primary school 1
St.Pauls primary school 3


These participated in a series of activities, on arrival, welcoming remarks were given by Miss. Esther Nansubuga of WITU, this was followed by a session of coding for which three schools participated, other students were engaged in using building blocks to create objects as well as engaging in book reading.

The coding session was held in the computer lab, this involved the three schools teaming up in groups of five and each group was given a similar set of instructions to code a project in scratch.  The project built was titled ‘’The dancing competition’’. All teams were in position to build the project in the required time, and the judgement was made basing on which team completed first. The team from Kyambogo College emerged the overall winner.

The second session was conducted by Miss .Irene Kituyi  who gave a word to the students about women in technology and then invited two representatives from Makerere university who are pursuing computer engineering to give an encouragement to the students to pursue Sciences at university, these shared  their experiences of studying engineering at the university.

This session was followed by an award ceremony, where the students that participated in the coding session received tokens of appreciations as well as certificates of appreciation that were given to each school.
Closing remarks were given by Miss.Barbara   Birungi the managing director of WITU who gave encouraging words to the students about Women In Technology.